Wireless Handheld and Touch Screen Computers

Merit-Trax uses handheld computers and wireless networks to manage the palletisation, storage, movement and shipping of the box meat inventory. Wireless touch screen computers can be mounted directly on the lift trucks. The computers are equipped with barcode scanners and are online in real-time with the TRAX-IT Traceability Server. Once a customer shipment is assembled on the dock users can use the wireless computers to scan the barcode labels on the boxes being shipped. The system will make sure each box belongs on the order, and will store a record of each box scanned for a customer shipment. The system automatically adds the weights of the boxes for each line item on the sales order; prints weight sheets and sends the box counts and weights automatically to the invoicing system.The successful integration of these technologies with the TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse software has allowed Merit-Trax to develop systems that are

tightly integrated and most importantly, easy for all employees and managers to use.

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