TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse

Software Systems

Warehouse Management

The TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse Software System uses a set of programs which run on a wireless handheld computer with an integrated barcode scanner to manage the inventory in the warehouse.

The programs include:            

  • Palletization to Ship
  • Palletization (1)

This program adds boxes to the finished product inventory when they are palletized.

  • Locate Pallets(1) 

This program uses the fresh/frozen status of the warehouse location to update the fresh/frozen status of each box on the pallet.

  • Move Box         
  • Cancel Box        
  • Shipment Scanning
  • Shipment Deleting
  • Grind Inputs        
  • Repack Inputs         
  • Portion Cutting Inputs        
  • Box Inquiry
  • Pallet Inquiry

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