TRAX-IT Food Software Assisted

Intelligence and

Augmented Intelligence systems.

Merit-Trax has successfully implemented Assisted Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence systems for slaughterhouses and meat processors since 2018.

Artificial Intelligence is more than just machine learning. It also includes Assisted Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence where systems that include both software and machines collaborate with staff to make better and faster decisions, increase the speed of operations and other business processes, eliminate mistakes, and improve product quality.

Today, when it is hard to find experienced staff, and staff turnover is at an all time high, this type of AI is extremely important for slaughterhouses. In addition to the operational improvements they provide, they improve the decision making of managers by automatically generating better analytical reports in real-time with the quantity and quality of the data that they collect. This eliminates the need to wait for the dozens of Excel reports that you currently use.

Food companies can run their operations smoother, quicker and more efficiently because our software is custom fitted to their needs, which makes it intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to use.

For further information on our software and services, please visit our software page, or you can contact us for information or to schedule an online demo.

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